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Vintage dresses are ‘fur free’ at Frock & Stole Vintage February 1st 2017

You will have seen from my blog that I have always worked with ethical companies and non-profits, and that includes cruelty free fashion and beauty companies (I managed the Leaping Bunny certification programme for non-animal tested beauty products).  So it will come as no surprise that when I decided to set up a vintage dress online shop that it would have to be fur free!

Frock & Stole Vintage

Fur free vintage

Some say wearing fur should be a personal ‘choice’, however, I will never be able to agree with this view point. If you have ever seen a live rabbit screaming in pain as the fur is ripped from its back, you might change your mind (if you haven’t already). Fur is purely about vanity and I cannot see why anyone should have the ‘choice’ to inflict such horror on a living creature for any reason, let alone for the sake of a fur trim. There are in my opinion some choices that we should not be allowed to make because the impact and consequences are just too barbaric to countenance. If I came into your house and did the same thing to your cat or dog, I would be arrested for animal cruelty, so how can this being done on an industrial scale ever be justified? It cannot.

If you still think fur farming really ‘can’t be that terrible’, then I suggest you take a look at some of the many videos on the web and educate yourself. Some say that the fur farming industry bodies prevent terrible things from happening, but sadly they are wrong. Having a ‘bigger cage’ to live in before you are ripped to shreds really isn’t a step forward for animal protection, nor in my view is it a step forward for us as human beings.

Fur Free Retailer Program

Frock & Stole Vintage – Certified by the Fur Free Retailer Program

So, if you like your vintage ‘fur free’, please do take a look at which is also the first online vintage dress boutique to be certified by the Born Free USA Fur Free Retailer Program.

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Digital charity jobs: part two February 19th 2012


Trying to find a job that you love can be exciting and stressful in equal measures. In part one of my career change guide we looked at some first steps, so here’s part two to help you get a flying start on the road to your new career. I am focusing on the charity sector, but these strategies will also help if you’re working in other sectors.

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Digital charity jobs: part one January 2nd 2012

Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button on the alarm more than you used to? Are you counting the hours every day – and the days until the weekend comes around?

Sounds like it might be time for a career change!

Changing career can feel like such a huge challenge that it might deter you from even considering new horizons. But you can give yourself the best chance of finding a new career by following a few key steps during your job search. With my 15 years’ experience in communications, including recruiting for great charity communications jobs, here’s the first part of my insider guide to help you with your career change. Although I talk about the charity sector, these strategies will help you if you’re working in other sectors.

Why do you want to make a career change?

Some people know from an early age the direct path their career will take, although most of us have a rather meandering path, if we ever have one at all! If you’ve come to a crossroads and just don’t know where you want to go next, one of the first questions I would ask you is ‘what first attracted you to your current job, and what frustrates you about it now?’ This could be the starting point for you to take a good look at your values, what you want out of your career, and what really makes you get up in the morning – even on these cold, dark January days!

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Welcome to my new blog for all things charity October 3rd 2011

This blog is an insider’s view about all things charity, but particularly charity careers, communications and campaigns.

I’ve spent many years recruiting staff for charities, and I’ve helped hundreds of people to get a paid or volunteer job in the charity sector. And as a communications specialist who’s worked with charities and ethical business, I’ve also advised and mentored people about how to get their comms, campaigning, lobbying and fundraising messages out to customers, supporters and donors. There’s more about me here if you want to know why I’m a passionate advocate for all things charity.

There will be interviews with some of the charity sector’s leading lights, guest posts, and insights into some of the hottest communications campaigns. It would be great to know what you’d find useful so make sure you leave your comments here!

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